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Box Talk


David Mutisya

February 2019

Meet David, our  Athlete of the Month for February. He is new here, and jumped right in! He is getting stronger, and takes all the coaching tips he can get! He is an awesome addition to our box!


Ruby Flores

January 2019

Ruby is our  Athlete of the Month for January! Squatting below parallel may not be a big deal to you, but it is her! She is aiming for the stars, reaching them! So proud of you Rubes!


Juan Gomez

December 2018

Congrats to our Athlete of the Month of December, Juan Gomez!  He has really come out of his shell, he is determined to get stronger, faster and never forgets to encourage others! We are proud to have him!


Cannon Binkert

November 2018

 Athlete of the Month for November, Cannon Binkert!  He is here early everyday, stays late most days and has learned that limits can be a GOOD thing. Cannon knows everyone, and makes sure everyone is welcome! We enjoy his presence.


Daniel Urpani

October 2018

 Our October  Athlete of the Month is none other than Daniel Urpani, the master of disorderly conduct!  He is  not shy and he will always make you smile! He is a natural born coach and we hope to make him part of the team someday!

aom adrienne.jpg

Adrienne Atkins

September 2018

Congrats to our Athlete of the Month of September, Adrienne Atkins! We're so proud to see her go from timid when starting CrossFit to competing in her first team competition and getting 3rd place! That's what this is all about! Since that comp, she's been dominating her everyday wods here at our box.


Shannon Urpani

August 2018

Congrats to our Athlete of the Month for August! This woman is a BEAST..she sets goals, gets them and still manages to be a sweetheart. She is one person everyone misses when she's out...We love you,Shannon


Jose Delgado

May 2018

Our athlete of the month for August is Jose. Determined on his weight loss journey, he's killing it and paving a way for those who follow.  We love having his presence in our box and look forward to it everyday. 


Missy Kanz

April 2018

This lady always comes in with a smile and is ready to get her wod started. She's always working on her lifts and pumps everybody up around her while motivating them throughout wods even if she's just as exhausted. Every box needs a Missy!


Devin Cook

March 2018

He has made huge improvements in his endurance and strength so far. He attends all of our functions we host and is a team player. Devin has a knack for doing things right and craves critique. Thanks for picking us Devin. We love having you here.

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